[57north-announce] 57N Stupid Shit No One Needs Hackathon

Dave Hibberd d at vehibberd.com
Tue Oct 20 21:36:49 BST 2015

Hello Hackers,

Today I would like to announce the inaugural 57North Hacklab Stupid Stuff
No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon[1], to be known as "57NSSNONTIH"
for short. 

Many people claim hackathons are creative marathons, for the public good
and a good team building exercise. 

We know that hackathons pitch peoples best ideas against short
deadlines, poorly prepared developers and adhoc badly put together

We know most ideas are old turds, but we want you to polish those turds
into a working demo.

= Wait, What? =

We want you to work in a team or by yourself to build the ultimate thing
that no one has ever asked for. Entries will be judged entirely by
execution, nothing worse than a terrible idea with a terrible product.

Many things you haven't asked for have been created at previous jams,
all the horse you could want[2], zippable bananas and the ever popular
screen checker. 

= Where? =

The Hackathon will be held at 57North Hacklab on Saturday 24th and
Sunday 25th of October 2015.


	1200 	Registration
	1500	Final Demos and judging

= Signup =

Attendees are expected to be active on the event BBS, available exclusively
for telnet users at hibby.info - sorry dial-uppers, we've moved on.
Please ensure you have an account, support may be available on the day.  

Recommended requirements are an 80x25 terminal and a font which supports
codepage 437 glyphs. There might be a floppy disk containing the popular
`Ubuntu Mono` font which works acceptably.

= Terms & Conditions =

No rights reserved. All projects are assumed licensed under the terms of
the "No Problem, Bugroff" license [5] unless you state otherwise. 
The 57North directorate accept no responsibility or
liability for whatever injury you inevitably cause yourself. 
There are no exceptions to the hacklab rules for this event,
however we would would like to specifically highlight rules 5 and 0. 
Any projects deemed too good will be requested to be improved under the
terms of competition or disqualified depending on the mood of the
independent judge. 
57North HACKLAB LTD offers no warranty on anything, ever, and actively
seeks to void any warranty brought on to the premises. 


[tj] & Hibby

[1]: http://stupidhackathon.github.io/
[2]: http://endless.horse
[3]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cp3wC2toiFA
[4]: http://www.doesmyscreenwork.com/
[5]: http://tunes.org/legalese/bugroff.html
Blog:		http://www.hibby.info
Linkedin:	http://www.linkedin.com/in/davehibberd
XMPP:		hibby at virtualhacker.net
GPG:		5E4F 5451 93E8 969C 8A59  
		B80A 03A1 FB7A 1904 771B
Twitter:	@Hibbie
Call:		MM3ZRZ
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