[57north-announce] It's Tuesday

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Tue Sep 5 14:08:26 BST 2017

For the first Tuesday in September coinciding (almost) with a full
moon we're doing something a little different and having a space open

Anyone who wants to can come and visit the space to have a look round,
meet folks, chat and/or poke at projects.

The space should be open from about 19:00 (often earlier).

If you've got plans let us know what they are on -discuss.

I should be along, I think I'm going to do some playing at driving
neopixels from an FPGA (I have some long term plans to drive many so
the output pin count from FPGAs would be useful).


Robert McWilliam     rmcw at allmail.net    www.ormiret.com

1.79E12 furlongs/fortnight
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