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Please find attached the newsletter of 57North Hacklab, Aberdeen's
hackerspace, for July 2014. If you have any stories you'd like to see in the
next newsletter, please send an email to irl at fsfe.org with the details.

Please feel free to distribute this newsletter as you see fit.


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                        57North Hacklab Newsletter

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                               August 2014

       1.  Welcome

       Welcome  to  the  monthly  57North  newsletter.  This is the
       second issue of this newsletter and it contains  news  about
       the  space,  news about projects and news about our members.
       It also contains a list of upcoming events for your diary.

       If you would like something included in the  next  issue  of
       the newsletter, please send an email to irl at fsfe.org.

       2.  Amateur Radio Licensing

       Since  having  more radio activities in the space, there has
       been interest from members in becoming licensed to  use  the
       radios.  On  Thursday  7th  August,  irl  and  adventureloop
       visited the radio club and met with Peter Thomson GM1XEA who
       runs  the  training  and  examination.  irl  returned on the
       Saturday and has already got two of his practical activities
       completed  and is on his way to his Intermediate license and
       adventureloop  will  be  starting  a  Foundation  course  in
       September.   Nordin  will also be taking a Foundation course
       and hibby will be doing  the  Intermediate  course  when  he

       August 2014                                           Page 1

       57North Hacklab                          https://57north.co/

       returns from the desert.

       +o Local radio club: http://aars.org.uk/

       +o Radios wiki page: https://57north.co/wiki/Radio

       3.  Member Update: hibby

       I've  been  making structured cabling and then phone systems
       work  in  the  desert  all  week.  It's  been   groovy   and

       Here's a funny story of the stuff I come up against.

       I've      got      rows      upon     rows     of     these:
       http://i.imgur.com/XBNdsVO.jpg - 3  or  4x  3570x  switches,
       10gbit     fibre     connection     back     to     a    few
       http://i.imgur.com/ixIHhpw.jpg 6509s in a few cabinets. I've
       been  trying to work out why there's so much fine dust (like
       microsand) in the cabinets.  The buildings were  sealed  and
       sandtight before the telecoms kit was installed.

       I  had  a  chat  with  the  HVAC  guy to check the filters -
       nothing unusual comes  up.   Ignore  it  for  a  day.   Over
       dinner,  I had a conversation with another vendor who's been
       here a while. "Oh yeah, sand?  it's  everywhere.   The  HVAC
       wasn't  done,  so  they  covered all the cabinets in plastic
       wrap and took the main doors off the hinges to  get  airflow
       for the technicians".

       Good - they sealed it all off. What they didn't seal off was
       the false floor,  so  all  the  sand  and  dust,  under  the
       influence  of gravity and losing speed due to the slower air
       came to rest there. Now,  several  weeks  later,  there  are
       cabinets  pulling  air through their bottoms (ooh!  pardon?)
       from a void containing sandy dust beneath. Yellow kit ahoy!

       It could be a  big  problem:  http://i.imgur.com/ZWAegIS.jpg
       (from  pre-commissioning  storage).  I'm sure it'll be fine.
       Either way, I'll be on a boat in Trondheim.

       For all of how bad I sometimes say it  is,  the  desert  has
       nice  sunrises,  http://i.imgur.com/BbvrTxu.jpg,  incredible
       weather and lots of surprises.  Every day's a lesson -  when
       you're  low  on  resources,  creative  hacks  are  your only
       solution to so many problems. It's  a  challenging,  hostile
       and rewarding environment to live and work in.

       Stay  tuned  on  the discussion mailing list for next week's

       August 2014                                           Page 2

       57North Hacklab                          https://57north.co/

       exciting installation about how much fun it  is  to  inspect
       the  wiring on a black phone in direct sunlight when the air
       temperature is over 50C!

       4.  Project Idea: 3D Printer/CNC Machine

       Nordin has a set of  3d  printer/CnC  miller  parts  (listed
       below) that he would like to see doing something together in
       the space.  He's giving the parts as an  incomplete  kit  to
       the  space  in  the  hope  that  someone  can  make  it into
       something groovy. Note: Any completed project using the  kit
       items  collectively  must  also  be  donated  to  the space.
       Contact  Nordin  if  you  are  interested  in  making  a  3d
       printer/CnC miller from the parts. Nordin asks that the kit,
       if left unclaimed, not be broken up for  unrelated  projects
       for  a period of 2 months. Beyond that, individual parts can
       be claimed by any current space member.

       5.  Project Idea: Quadcopter Drone Army

       After being kindly given a  Turnigy  micro-x  quad  to  play
       with,  Nordin is seeking other interested parties to build a
       drone quad army and is asking if others  are  interested  in
       some r/c quad fun? The goal is to achieve an airbone version
       of  those  line-following  robots  using   principles   from
       stigmergy  rather  than a control structure based on complex
       representations etc.

       The suggested quad is cheap, standards  complaint  and  most
       hackable,  having  an Arduino 328p flight controller powered
       by MultWiii firmware (http://www.multiwii.com/software)  and
       plenty  of  spare  i/o  solder points.  Initial plans are to
       hook up a cheap DSM2 100mW transmitter circuit (on order) to
       a  ground Arduino that generates the simple PPM control data
       via simple  override  pots  (for  now).   Beyond  that,  two

       (1)  Explore  use  of  the  WiiMote's pixelart i2c camera as
       computatively  cheap   beacon   tracking   like   our   moth
       colleagues. Case use: Dones, follow that lightbar!

       (2) Explore use of i2c gas sensors that follow concentration
       gradients, like our  puny but clever friends, the ants. Case
       use: [Sniff sniff], Wheres that leak! - send the drone(s).

       If you're interested, email the discussion list with ideas.

       August 2014                                           Page 3

       57North Hacklab                          https://57north.co/

       6.  Hibby's Horoscope Corner

       6.1  Aries

       We  start  with  the ram. You must embody the spirit of your
       kind, and channel your strong and  stout  spirit  into  your
       future  this  month.  In focussing on your goals and locking
       horns with your challenges, the energy from  Uranus  on  the
       rise shall carry you to glad tidings.

       6.2  Taurus

       Welcome,  bull.  You have travelled a long way recently, and
       the journey is far from over. Fear not, for you are not  one
       to be milked and you have the great power of Jupiter on your
       side. By standing strong in the storm, you can overcome  the
       fatigue of your woes and continue joyfully.

       6.3  Gemini

       The  Twins  have  influenced  you  deeply,  I can feel their
       energy emanating from you. With your unique balance  of  two
       conflicting headspaces, you are feeling compelled to appease
       everyone and succeeding well.If you can maintain the balance
       and control Mercury, you shall do well this month.

       6.4  Cancer

       The  crab  -  You are the strong bearer of others pressures,
       holding proud against Saturn's onslaught. The sun is in your
       transit  now, and she is shining upon your good will and has
       the power to heal. Enjoy well deserved rest,  for  you  have
       been  a loyal friend - allow yourself to trust in others for
       a change.

       6.5  Leo

       Strong and proud lion, the sun is in your transit also. Take
       strength in her golden rays, for they are of the same colour
       as you and will recharge your energies if you  permit  them.
       With a warm heart, you can celebrate your time to shine upon
       others, for it is now.

       6.6  Virgo

       Maiden, fear not threats from others. Your time is imminent,
       with  Mercury  transitioning  to  a rise across the duration

       August 2014                                           Page 4

       57North Hacklab                          https://57north.co/

       this month. You have felt  compromised  and  intimidated  by
       others  thanks  to  the  recent strength of Neptune, but the
       battle can come to an end now -  draw  pride,  strength  and
       comfort from the victory.

       6.7  Libra

       Much  like  the scales that represent you, friends have been
       relying  on  you  due  to  your  balanced,  well  considered
       opinion.  Fear  not  in  relying  upon others this month. As
       Venus is not feeling strong and the Sun is on the fall,  you
       have to accept that your weaknesses might be dominating your
       headspace. Share this load and you shall find happiness.

       6.8  Scorpio

       Scorpion, move quickly and surely this month.  Mars  may  be
       intimidating  for  others,  but  you  can  grow with the Red
       planet. Drawing on her energy, you  can  grow  yourself  and
       your  push your goals to a new level. With careful planning,
       you can achieve lots this  month.

       6.9  Sagittarius

       Archer, this month is a turbulent period for you.  You  have
       to  push forward and keep your eyes on the target - the only
       way you can achieve  that  bullseye  is  with  patience  and
       careful  consideration. You must keep a low profile and your
       accomplices close while your Jupiter  transits  through  the
       Danger Zone.

       6.10  Capricorn

       Ah,  goat  -  your  sun  transit is far off, but do not fear
       these  dark  times.  You  can  consider  this  a  time   for
       introspection  and  consideration.   You  may  feel far from
       friends and loved ones but trust me, once  you're  reunited,
       good times shall follow.

       6.11  Aquarius

       Water carrier, your time of subservience is long past. While
       the sun is far you can shine, and with the  recent  movement
       of  Uranus,  you  can  go far this month. As is typical, you
       have to put in hard work and tolerate others,  however  this
       always comes with its own rewards.

       August 2014                                           Page 5

       57North Hacklab                          https://57north.co/

       6.12  Pisces

       Ah,  fish  - come forward. Typically you are a slippery one,
       quietly brooding and watching - this month, open yourself up
       and  draw from Neptune and Jupiter's interaction. While some
       argue over whether this is the age of Aquarius or the age of
       Pisces,  listen  not.  Be  strong  and make this your age of

       7.  Upcoming Events

       Tuesday 19th August 2014
            Cryptonoise @ The Illicit Still - 5pm to 7pm

       Tuesday 19th August 2014
            Open Night @ 57North Hacklab - 7pm to late

       Wednesday 20th August 2014
            TechMeetup @ Meston Building - 6:30pm to 9pm

       Thursday 21st August 2014
            AberLUG @ Ma Camerons - 7:30pm to late

       Tuesday 26th August 2014
            Open Night @ 57North Hacklab - 7pm to late

       Tuesday 2nd September 2014
            Cryptonoise @ The Illicit Still - 5pm to 7pm

       Tuesday 2nd September 2014
            Open Night @ 57North Hacklab - 7pm to late

       Tuesday 9th September 2014
            Open Night @ 57North Hacklab - 7pm to late

       Tuesday 16th September 2014
            Cryptonoise @ The Illicit Still - 5pm to 7pm

       Tuesday 16th September 2014
            Open Night @ 57North Hacklab - 7pm to late

            You can see all the upcoming events for 57North Hacklab
       at https://57north.co/calendar.

       August 2014                                           Page 6

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