[57north-announce] CryptoTuesday

Tom Jones jones at sdf.org
Tue Aug 19 09:13:22 UTC 2014

Hello Hackers,

One again it is Tuesday, 57North's weekly open night. Anyone that wants to come
a long and see what we get up to in the space is more than welcome. People will
be hacking on personal project, chatting about cool thing and drinking a fair
amount of beer.

Members should reply to this email on -discuss with particulars of what they
are going to get up to.


Tonight is also CryptoNoise[0].

Every other Tuesday we come together in a public place and used Tor. We will be
in the Illicit Still from 1700-1900 tonight, creating plausible deniability and
extra Tor traffic.

[0]: http://cryptonoise.org


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