[57north-announce] Thursday night is Video Night!

Hibberd, Dave d at vehibberd.com
Thu Jan 7 09:54:36 GMT 2016

Good Thursday Hackers!

It has come to my attention lately that while I've been busy curling on 
Thursdays, y'all have stopped watching stimulating documentaries.

Let's get back on track tonight! Meet me in the space at 8pm for an 830 

I plan to start watching selected highlights of the 32C3 - probably the 
highly rated "20 Oscillators in 20 minutes" and "3D printing on the 

I'll also be looking at installing a hard drive in the space with all 
the talk videos on it, and I'll have all 66GB of them available for you 
to copy.

Please come and join me - ping a message to the list to tell us you're 
coming in. If no one bothers to reply, I probably won't bother to leave 
my flat!


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