[57north-announce] First Official Openday in the New Space

Edward Watson mail at edwardwatson.co.uk
Tue Jul 3 13:36:48 BST 2018

Hello hackers.

This week's open Tuesday is special - it's the first official one in
our new home! [1].

A major benefit of the new location is that we have now multiple
spaces at our disposal. Presently, we have a main room to gather and
laptop, a workshop room for tool work on work desks at varied levels,
and an upstairs room for quiet desk-based geekery. An additional cosy
padded 'nook' is in planning under the stairs / street window too if
we all think it'll add to the setup, but other ideas welcome.

Some members will be adding more fancy ideas as we go, but all are
invited to share input. We next aim to bring up the automated door
entry system, more fancy lighting, multiroom audio and more power
sockets over the next short while and we need your input to get it
right. Private comments are welcome also [2].

I'll be down from 7 to do space bureaucracy, some lit signage design
and maybe some sowing.Remember we are now lcoated at Lower Floors, 26
North Silver Street, Aberdeen. AB10 1RL. [3]

Come hack!


[1] https://wiki.57north.org.uk/index.php/EngageSpace
[2] Wish to share comments in private? Message the committee at
57north-ctte-private at lists.57north.co
[3] https://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=57.14742&mlon=-2.10644#map=17/57.14742/-2.10644&layers=N

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