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Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Thu Jul 12 22:05:34 BST 2018

Doorbot is now working on the door into the space from the bottom of
the stairs. If you turn up and find that door locked it can be
unlocked from the "Unlock Door" page in hub, as was the case with the
old space.

Access to the building is still via Engage unless someone is in
already and has opened the door onto Skene Terrace.

At some point in the (hopefully not *too* distant) future we will have
doorbot control of more doors: the one to Skene Terrace and the one
off the landing on the first floor. I'm not sure what to do in hub for
the interface to control multiple doors. I'm tempted to stick with one
button but make it unlock all the doors, but am open to suggestions.

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