[57north-announce] Tuesday Openday, 7pm.

Midder midder at protodox.com
Tue Aug 6 10:39:05 BST 2019

Hello everyone.

Today is our Open-day, and as we are gradually cooking the planet, https://theconversation.com/heatwave-think-its-hot-in-europe-the-human-body-is-already-close-to-thermal-limits-elsewhere-121003 we will have to become dedicated basement dwellers, tonight we can give members and friends, the authentic cellar experience, we cannot promise hordes of zombies or feral hominids to battle, the deep isolation of a functioning cellar can be provided, all we expect is for people to build the technology required to weather the coming apocalypse.

Otherwise if that is too bleak you can just drop by with a project or laptop or friend, and socialise with our membership, we are a friendly bunch. So tell us what you will be doing tonight.

I have another desktop which has a bios boot issue, but I may get past it and have another functioning desktop to compliment the multimedia machine I put together. BTW a donated SSD or decent audio card would be greatly appreciated for these machines. I'll probably only be in after 9, as there is a Climate cafe on at the belmont on direct action, https://calendar.google.com/calendar/event?eid=MGMxaDYyM2htc2gybDNsaW9udDY1Zmp2MDYgOGJwZzdnZ3V2ZGtrNzY5cW02bXFpcjk1NTRAZw I may also be bringing a Greek visitor along.


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