[57north-announce] Introducing the space's newest 3D printer - a Lulzbot Mini

Edward Watson mail at edwardwatson.co.uk
Thu Aug 22 12:33:54 BST 2019

Hi all

Earlier this month a number of space folk banded together to collect
donations for a new space 3D printer. The printer, a Lulzbot Mini 1,
was offered at a very good discount albeit over a tight window of
opportunity. Anyhew, it was funded pretty quickly, brought and
delivered over the weekend. I was asked to help set it up once it has
arrived and I finished initial setup yesterday. As a bonus, it seems
to have arrived with spools of assorted colour 3mm filament also.

Currently, a laptop is needed to operate the printer via USB but we'll
add a wifi-accessible webgui via a RasPi at some point soon. In the
meantime, users can print from the Dell netbook setup next to the
printer or their own laptop with the Lulzbot software. The software is
on a USB stick next to the printer and is pretty user friendly.  A
wikipage has been made-up to serve as a shared reference point [1].
Users should feel free to update the page as they find the need. For
now I have fitted the sample length of 3mm lime green filament over a
'host spool' for testing which only has a few meters left. The host
spool is labelled UV-purple (thats white with a UV colour change to
purple!) so thats the default next colour after the sample runs out.
We have the most of UV purple spools (3 overall), plus light and dark
greens (x2), pink, blue and UV red. We should aim to keep these
air-sealed as long as possible to keep moisture out of the material.

The print quality is very good and combined with the reliability the
Lulzbot printers are known for, it should make 3D printing more
accessible to all.


P.S. if anyone has a spare microSD card or an edimax nano wifi dongle
to donate to the cause, please ping me; its for the Pi-powered webgui.
I have a Pi v2B but only have 2GB cards which are too small for the
Octopi build.

[1] https://wiki.57north.org.uk/index.php/Projects:LulzBot_Mini_3D_Printer

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