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Thu Sep 19 20:45:06 BST 2019

Dear all

On Tuesday, Space members attended a viewing at Unit H, Kettock Lodge,
Bridge of Don - a potential temporary (6mnth) location for us to move to.
Below are a few notes formed from facts shared and observations made by
those who attended. Points already been covered in previous emails will be
added as summaries.

*Room Size*
The total room size is 29m x 34m.

*Size of our area*
We would be assigned a 5m x 11m corner portion of the room. See
https://nordintown.com/s/vjgDQ00xu8sPcEg for rough indication. This area
would be soft partitioned using a mixture of shelves and existing partition
boards, borrowed from the room rep.

Current room users and arrangements
The room is shared with at least two other community groups: (1) as storage
from a local mens shed community group and (2) as a gaming spot for retro
gaming PC and console enthusiasts. There are also small hobby setups such
as ping-pong and music stands dotted over the floor space. These are used
infrequently are easily movable.

*Access and parking*
Access is via door code into the building and via key for the office door,
located up a set of steps or via lift. Disabled/visitor parking is out
front and general parking is to the building rear. A small number of
keyholders can be established who are happy to be summoned to open outside
of hours. The Number 1 bus stops very close to the building.

The room rep reports an internet connection is present but poor. She is
happy for us to help them improve it inline with what the building owner
allows. We are open to members volunteering to help with this.

The area is very affordable and will guarantee a steady accumulation of
funds for our next location despite possible donation drop-off (assuming we
still fundraise.)

Overall, those who attended felt the room is the most viable option given
the timescale we have to work with. As of this evening we have final
confirmation from the rep that the room can be offered for our use. We plan
to accept as soon as possible once we have checked for objections amongst
the membership.

*What's next?*
To formalise the decision, the directors plan to call an urgent board
meeting at the current space on Tuesday 24th at 7pm with an open invite to
all (telepresence available - please ask). The board plan to vote after
asking all attending for any voiced objections. Whatever we decide, the
space then needs to start preparations for a move to either garage lockup
storage or the Bridge of Don location.

Kind regards,
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