[57north-announce] Open Tuesday 29th June 2021!

Dave Hibberd d at vehibberd.com
Tue Jun 29 13:20:32 BST 2021

Hi All,

It's open Tuesday at 57North Hacklab! Apparently there is now internet
so you can now get your meme fix from the space. We will start around
7pm and remain at our location in Unit H, Kettock Lodge, Campus Two,
Innovation Park, AB22 8GU.

I'll be there at some point this evening. If you're coming in today, consider 
sending a reply with an optional rundown of your excellent evening's 
plans and when you plan to arrive.

I could use a volunteer or two to assist with moving the sofas out my old 
flat into their new home of "the street" until t'council pick them up...
They've given me a 5 day window from 30th for collection, lovely!

As is custom during these times, please review the important COVID info

See you there,

<COVID related blurb>
Aberdeen City remains at protection level 1, which means we can invite
people to our open Tuesday events.

We are participating in the Scottish Government's contact tracing
programme. You will find purple posters at the entrance to the space and
around the space that contain QR codes. Please scan the QR code and
provide your contact details. If you are unable to scan a QR code, there
is a link to type into your browser. If you cannot use the link, ask
someone else to check in for you and provide them with your email
address and phone number.

Please note that contact tracing is a requirement of participating in an
Open Tuesday in person, and is not negotiable. If you do not provide
tracing details you will be asked to leave.

As we emerge from this global disaster, some will understandably be
cautious about being outside. Please respect people's boundaries by
maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask as you move around the
space. If you are sat down, you can take off your mask to have easier
access to your face if needed for eating or drinking. Use common sense
and remember this is a shared space.

If you are in early, open windows to get air flowing through the
space. It could be a good idea to bring a jumper or something as the
space could be a little cooler than you might expect because of this.
</COVID related blurb>


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