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Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Thu Aug 28 22:12:23 UTC 2014

On 28 August 2014 22:45:22 BST, Ed Watson <mail at edwilldesign.com> wrote:
>Hey all
>So we have missed the 21day cut-off for dismemberment for the september
>egm. Our appoach is now to keep this upcoming egm for editing articles,
>and host a second dismemberment egm approx 1 month later. Yes, I know.
>Will send tomorrow (maybe with the survey, otherwise soon after)
>Dear [name]
>We hope this email finds you well.
>Our records indicate that your last 57north membership payment was more
>than 3 months ago. As per article 30 of the 57north articles of
>association, a resolution for dismemberment of nonpaying members will
>be proposed at an upcoming dismemberment EGM, scheduled for Oct 11th
>(note, this should not be confused with an EGM scheduled September
>13th). As per article 30.2, each member due to be dismembered will be
>entitled to be heard at the dismemberment EGM.
>We sincerely hope you will consider resuming paid membership, but
>should you wish to withdraw membership please email the directors at
>57north-ctte-private at 57north.co (non-public) stating your intent to
>Regardless of your membership status or intent, we invite you to take
>our membership survey soon to be emailled to all via our announce list.
>We would very much like learn of any feedback you have to offer.
>Kind regards,
>Ed Watson
>Director and Treasurer,
>57north-ctte mailing list
>57north-ctte at lists.57north.co

Dismemberment of people who haven't paid recently is a lot easier than for other reasons. I think it is clause 22 (sorry, don't have the articles on my phone to check) that pretty much says if you're 3 months behind and have had a reminder the board can terminate membership, so we don't actually need a general meeting for it. 

IANAL etc.

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