[57north-ctte] Board Meeting - 13th July 2014

Iain R. Learmonth irl at fsfe.org
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Please find attached the minutes for the board meeting held on the 13th of
July 2014 chaired by yourself.

These are GPG signed by myself, and I submit these minutes as an accurate
account of the meeting.

Please read through these minutes and if you approve, forward the attached
minutes GPG signed to the 57north-ctte mailing list.


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Board Meeting - 13th July 2014

  Edward Watson (Chair)
  Tom Jones
  Iain Learmonth (Recording Minutes)

1. Access to online banking

  A unanimous majority approves Edward Watson and Iain Learmonth
  applying for access to online banking for the purpose of checking
  standing order payments.

  Action - Iain Learmonth - Complete online banking application

NOTE - This meeting was called by Edward Watson without the 7 days
notice period required by article 80 as we have started to collect
standing order payments and require a means to verify them and therefore
it was felt that there was enough urgency to forego this notice period.

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