[57north-ctte] Board Meeting Minutes - 13th July 2014 (signed)

Ed Watson mail at edwilldesign.com
Mon Jul 14 01:57:03 UTC 2014

Dear all

Please find attached the minutes for the board meeting held on the 13th of
July 2014 chaired by Ed Watson

These were GPG signed by the minute taker, who submitted these minutes as an accurate
account of the meeting, and intern by the meeting chair person, who varifies their accuracy.

Board Meeting - 13th July 2014

  Edward Watson (Chair)
  Tom Jones
  Iain Learmonth (Recording Minutes)

1. Access to online banking

  A unanimous majority approves Edward Watson and Iain Learmonth
  applying for access to online banking for the purpose of checking
  standing order payments.

  Action - Iain Learmonth - Complete online banking application

NOTE - This meeting was called by Edward Watson without the 7 days
notice period required by article 80 as we have started to collect
standing order payments and require a means to verify them and therefore
it was felt that there was enough urgency to forego this notice period
as permitted by article 80.

It was only recenltly learnt that RBS require that to apply for online
banking a decision must be made to approve the application at a board
meeting. There was previously general consensus of the board that we
should apply for online banking, although this had not been formalised.

It will only be possible for Ed to visit the bank before Friday to set
it up, otherwise it will have to wait until the following weekend. The
process takes approximately 2 weeks and it is important that we are able
to start validating standing order payments as quickly as possible.

The directors meeting scheduled for Friday will still take place and the
agenda for that meeting is still being constructed on the 57north-ctte
mailing list.

The chair intends to allow directors absent from the meeting to be given the
opportunity to submit any objections to the decision prior to submitting
the application. If there are strong objections, it is of course
possible to delay the submission of the application until after the
Friday board meeting where it can be discussed again.
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