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Noodle noodlemonkeh at gmail.com
Mon Jul 14 08:29:22 UTC 2014

Yesterday Iain informed me that he has "hacked" my pi and added his ssh
keys to allow him to copy music to the Raspberry Pi MPD player. This
project is not complete and has not been handed over to the space yet. It
also had a 'Do not hack' sticker of the wooden frame in the rack. The pi
contained certificates to allow connection to my VPN, ssh keys, etc. Due to
the SD card being removed and altered in another machine I am unable to be
certain exactly what has changed and what exactly has been accessed. There
was also a mention of me 'doing something with quota' so I would be safe in
saying that it was not solely the ssh key that was added.

*** I am not suggesting that anything untoward has happened! Just a general
breach of trust/overstepping the mark ***

I do not object to people adding music to the player currently, but I would
expect them to do this in a sensible way, such as powering off the pi,
connecting the USB HDD to their machine and copying the music this way.
This would also avoid any possible conflict with the computer misuse act.

As penance I did suggest that Iain should buy the first round of drinks at
the meeting on Friday, but this suggestion was rejected.

Comments are welcome.
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