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Tony Shannon tony.nottingham at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 09:08:08 UTC 2014

Disagree strongly with that Iain, both regarding classifying loaned
kit a "ours" or discouraging loans in general.

We have a choice whether to accept a loan & I believe in this case it
would've been better to say "thanks but no thanks", without changing
space policy on loans full stop & upsetting someone who's trying to
help & has been veritably loaning other kit.

For example if discussed bringing a dremel & pillar drill to the space
on long term loan.

There is *no* way I'd do that if it'd be considered space property.

I know what you're trying to avoid & happy to discuss (in fact i think
we all *need* to discuss...) but I think this is like using a
thermonuclear warhead to crack a nut ;)


On 13 Mar 2014, at 08:23, "Iain R. Learmonth" <irl at fsfe.org> wrote:

> On 12/03/14 21:42, Tony Shannon wrote:
>> Ok folks, who upset Calum... ;)
> That was probably me. My point was that we didn't want Calum to just
> come in one day and take the 42U rack away leaving us with a mess of
> previously racked equipment all over the space.
>> In all seriousness, longer term it's not going to hurt us to pop a
>> clarification on the wiki regarding items left outside of boxes, but I'm
>> hoping this is just a case of cross wires somewhere.
> This is a special case, because it's infrastructure of the space, not
> just a project. The whole space becomes disadvantaged if Calum comes in
> and removes it.
> We should get some documentation up on the wiki about these things
> though. I would have it say something along the lines of the following:
> (a) If equipment is installed outside of the space to form
> infrastructure for the space, it will be considered property of 57North
> Hacklab and be available for use by all members as long as that use does
> not impair the use of other members.
> (b) If a project is in progress that requires equipment larger than can
> reasonably be placed into your storage box, for either volume or mass
> reasons, it may be stored under a standing desk as long as it is not
> inconveniencing other members. This storage should be considered
> short-term unless the project is really cool.
> (c) If you are unclear, email 57north-ctte at lists.57north.co for
> clarification.
>> Did anyone seriously say to him that any item left in the space is
>> considered hackspace property?
> I didn't say that, I just said that if he is going to have the 42U rack
> in replacing the 24U rack then it should at least be in the space on the
> same or better terms as the 24U rack in that it will remain in the space
> for as long there is a space unless superseded. Saying that, I don't
> want the 24U rack back and I consider it to be property of 57North
> Hacklab now.
>> Because if so, I'd like it on record that I consider that to be a really
>> silly idea, as it will discourage anyone from ever loaning us stuff.
> Maybe it's best if people don't loan us stuff, especially infrastructure
> stuff. Just sayin'.
> Iain.
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