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Tom Jones jones at sdf.org
Fri Mar 21 07:25:48 UTC 2014


Carl and Ed need to update some of their details with companies house. 

Ed has a slightly off address, the account manager mentioned they can be very picky. 
Picky enough to refuse on the difference of ‘house’ and ‘farm’

Carl discovered a middle name.

RBS discovered that I have a middle name, but that is getting fixed on their end.

They have probably been in touch, but if not I thought I’d catch everyone up.

Tony and Iain:

I have paper work that you need to sign. I will take it to work and hopefully catch Iain. 
Then either me or Iain can make sure it gets to yourself. 

Once the paper work has been signed by all it needs to be taken into the Queens Cross
branch. It is marked FAO Andy Clueness and will make it to him.

Final thing you both have to do is present your id/utility bill in person to the bank. Again 
any member of the branch staff should be able to do it. 

Queens cross are open until half one( I think) tomorrow. 

There was some talk about coordinating when Andy was available, but at this time of day 
I cannot remember if it was a sticking point or not. Either way he is not available today.

Im sure this is 90% of everything, Carl/Ed can you fill in the blanks I might have left.


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