[57north-ctte] Dismemberment

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Mon Sep 15 22:51:16 UTC 2014

To have folks who haven't been paying not be eligible to vote in the
election of new directors you need to have a board meeting to conduct
dismemberment before the 27th September. Giving the normal 7day notice
of the meeting that currently gives a 4 day gap Tuesday-Friday next week
to have the meeting. This meeting doesn't need to be much, just 3
directors to meet quorum and pass the resolution to dismember those on
The List. Some effort will be required to build The List of those for
the chop: we have a lit of those that look to be far enough behind on
hackhub at http://hackerdeen.org/hub/admin/behind

I would suggest those on The List get another email when the board
meeting is confirmed with a deadline to pay up (say must be cleared into
the account or cash given to a director the day before the board meeting
(can someone with access to the banking volunteer to go to the bank and
check for any payments after the deadline?)) and details of what they
have to pay up. Am I remembering right that it was last month and this
month to catch up?

Could I suggest having the meeting evening of Thursday 25th or Friday
26th. Can we get 3 directors together for one of those? What is the
themed Thursday that week?


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