[57north-ctte] Meeting with potential accountant

Ed Watson mail at edwilldesign.com
Mon Apr 27 20:43:30 BST 2015

Dear director-types

Having got responses to my email enquires, I am planning on inviting two potential accountants (from Jamiesons Ltd on Dee Street, Another from Grampian Accounting in Westhill) to the space for a short chat from Friday morning, otherwise sometime the following week. The aim will be to share our current accounting practices and discuss our needs so they can quote us for their services. They are both local(ish) and seem to offer a tailored service for people like us, one is a large family-run group and the other is an apparent independent, each have pros/cons so each worth a consultation I feel. 

If anyone would like to be present, please register interest and preferred hacklab times (ideally quiet times) and I'll do my best to find a slot that works. I am off from Friday for a week so I personally can make 9am to 7pm over those days, and don't mind being on my lonesome if needs be. 

Kind regards,
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