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Dave Hibberd d at vehibberd.com
Tue Jan 27 23:14:03 UTC 2015

Thanks for the heads up Carl - it's valuable at least someone's more
than half way switched on!

Following up this and tonight's discussion:

At the upcoming director's meeting, we need to consider ownership of
public facing services (website/twitter/facebook/g+/flickr{?}/email):

- Who is going to be responsible for management and update of these
- There's talk of website updates: How do we best develop a website to
  represent the hackerspace, and what design & review process controls
  will we have in place?
- Who is going to be responsible for management of the systems the
  website and friends live on (gairy)?
- Are we going to define a code of conduct / signed system for anyone
  with root/admin/etc access on these machines to be sure they can be
  trusted to make changes assigned. Well, that and revokation procedure
- Do I like policy and policy setting too much?

Inline updates and comments appreciated.



On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 12:17:16PM +0000, Noodle wrote:
> Hey folks, just been looking at the website and have a list of
> changes/updates to be done:
> Front page:
> Remove Themed Thursdays from 'Quick Information'
> About > Who are we:
> Tom does not have a picture.
> Rob: requires pic and bio.
> About > Communication:
> Wiki links need to be pointed to the new wiki
> About: Re-order sections to show membership info first?
> Events > Regular events:
> Remove Themed Thursdays
> Events > Calendar:
> Remove deleted events to tidy page
> Gallery:
> New/more pics?
> Contact:
> Map does not display - SSL/content not secure message.
> Saturdays:
> Some pages say 1pm, some say 2pm for keyholder to be on site - should
> standardise this.
> Anybody have any other suggestions/comments? I'll not make any changes
> until after this weekends meeting to allow anyone else to stick their oar
> in... come up with ideas :P Or do we want a site hacking evening/event?
> Cheers.

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