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Tue Mar 24 15:55:25 GMT 2015

On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 11:27:32AM +0000, Edward Watson wrote:
> Mid-month Thursdays work best for me and seem good days for others
> generally. so maybe 16th or 23rd? Suggest we avoid Tues just incase we
> get a large attendance + visitors. Mid/end Sats are (my) next
> preference, so 18th or 25th?

I'm supposed to be elsewhere on 23rd but 16th would be fine. Either of
the Saturdays look fine for me. 

> > Normal business for an AGM is
> >  - Report on what's happened since the last AGM from chair.
> >  - Treasurer goes through accounts and they get adopted.
> >  - Election of directors.
> Other than the standard 'Election of Meeting Chair' and 'AOCB'? no.

That's something else I meant to mention: the chair will have a bit
more to do at an AGM than normal meetings as they should be giving the
report on activities (though they can delegate that if we want to
complicate things). So I'd suggest we pick a chair in advance so that
they can prepare that. Anyone want to volunteer?

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