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Ta Rob. Only one suggestion below:

On 30 March 2015 at 22:50, Robert McWilliam <rmcw at allmail.net> wrote:
> Corrections/alterations for the announcement welcome.
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 [ ... ]

A proxy can be appointed to vote on your behalf at the meeting (see
> Space Corp. Directives 47, 53 and 54). If you would like to appoint a
> proxy please send an email to 57north-ctte-private at lists.57north.co

We should probably make the nature of 57north-cttte-private public as we
have not really done this and this seems like a good time to spell it out
on the record, so:

"Email sent to the 57north-cttte-private address is redirected to all
presently listed directors and is not archived publicly."

The email (preferably PGP signed) should contain:"

 - Your name and address (as it appears in the register of members
>    (hackhub))
>  - Who you would like to appoint as a proxy
>  - That this is for the AGM on 16/4/2015
>  - If you have any specifications for how the proxy is to act on your
>    behalf.
> The proxy should bring the same details to the meeting on paper and
> signed by the member they are to act as a proxy for.
> [0] https://57north.co/elections/2014/
> --- Announcement ends ----
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