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Hey all!

So on Tuesday Andy raised that the council has a Creative Spaces
development fund [1] and applications are due until the 30th November.

It's a two stage application process - a registration form where we
outline a project and contact details.

If you get through that there is an Application form as well!

Luckily, both forms are available at link [1]. so we can do them in

I'd really like to put an application forward for cash, as it would
really benefit our growth in some way. I've had a rack around my brain
and there's two situations I can see us being able to have a solid
chance here:

  1) Covering rent for an expansion of the space:
	By getting a grant of, say, £10k, we could rent a much larger
	space for a longer period and see if we can foster growth via
	having more space to work and socialise available to members.
	This could either be a larger storefront on Union St or the city
	centre area or disused industrial space we can rejuvinate. Plus,
	we have accessibility concerns that we can't afford to address.

  2) Covering workshop costs as a business model:
	If we could get a smaller amount of cash, I'd like to look into
	investing in a proper workshop kit: decent soldering irons and
	extractors, alongside having a range of kits from easy to build
	to more difficult that people can buy.

Benefits of #1: Potentially we give ACC a self driven and mostly self
funded community workshop that can support development of new skills in
a range of areas, not just computing, as well as providing space and
resources to house tech-types that need space for as startup

Benefits of #2: Give ACC a pop up group of STEM outreach enthusiasts,
who can teach basic soldering and technical skills to kids and adults
alike. Plus, by selling kits for a profit we essentially reinvest the
money in ourselves (and the tax man...)

Judging by the way the form is set out, I think we're better to go for a
bigger goal and say "look, we've come from nothing and have this core
group, but have outgrown our site and cannot expand to provide x", and
if that doesn't work we might get invited to put forward for a smaller

The application form asks a lot of questions, including:

  * Project management, business planning, market research and
    budgeting taken so far.
  * benefit to Aberdeen cultural sector and wider impacts for city and
    general public
  * Evidence to demonstrate clear demand for our proposal
  * local community and creative sector engagement plans
  * project accessibility
  * How it will be project managed and monitored
  * Proof it making financial sense and sustainability
That will need a longer look at next week but the first step is to get
the registration away.

Take a look at the forms and give me a shout with
ideas/comments/concerns asap, I'd like to get part 1 away this weekend.


[1] http://www.aberdeencity.gov.uk/community_life_leisure/arts/culture/Creative_Spaces.asp

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