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Hello All

I said I would have a read through the Development Fund details and
provide some relevant info regarding our position,

The Development Fund seems to have come off the back of 'Vibrant
Aberdeen' a cultural strategy and report from 2013.
The Basis of it is to help the creative industries in Aberdeen to build
a community, founded aroud a Cultural Forum.
The Plan has 4 main aspects:
 * Cohesive cultural Sector
 * Community Engagement
 * Cities cultural profile.
 * Investment in culture
 * Monitor and evaluate the impact of culture

The Development Fund

The development seems to be Project based, so they are looking for a
project Idea, it can be a running project which is good.

There are a few targets to meet for the funding:
 * Affordable/sustainable - It should show it can be sustained.
 * Has to be in the creative industries.
 * proactive towards partnership/public engagement.
 * Capacity to manage an arts venue.
 * Equal opportunities statement or policy.
 * Evidence of high quality artistic practice and activities.

The last item may be a problem, it is very subjective and may not apply
to us.

The funding can be used for, amongst other things:
 * Small capital, design and refurbishment costs.
 * New Equipment

This could be a problem the first item cold apply to us but it is
bending it a bit.

When judging the application there are some things they are looking for,
a selection which will have to or could apply to us.

Project details:

This will be judged on out partners and what we indent to do. They will
look for history and some interaction and success with people in our
discipline, some kind of history of managing projects of this type and a
plan to make the project meet all of the above.


We will have to show some evidence of a want for our project and what
the benefits will be for the people involved in the project and the
wider community. also accessibility.


When looking at the site for development, we will ave to have something
in mind, this may go nowhere if we cannot find an applicable space to
use this funding on,

Management Budget.

Something on how the management of the project, this should be separated
for the general running of the space, more about the sustainability and
the likelihood of continuation of the project. they are also looking for
evidence of sourcing for additional funding of the project, this may not

some of this may be difficult, but it doesn't seem to rule us out.

Other Info

The funding can be from £5,000 up to the full £100,000.

there are also Creative Spaces Research Awards which will are available
and can be as small as £2,500 and starting an application for this will
set us in good stead to apply for that, because it will show a continued

There are a bunch of things they will not fund, none of which applies to us.

Well everyone there is a brief overview, I'm going to try and meet up
with Jim for the anatomy rooms and run it past him, to see what his
response is.


Doc Ocassi
Email: dococassi at boukom.com
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