[57north-ctte] Funding Concept: "3Dprinting You" enrolment programme

Edward Watson mail at edwardwatson.co.uk
Mon Nov 23 14:29:28 GMT 2015

My idea. See attached - app form and costings breakdown.

1) We advertise a Kossel Mini 3D printer kit and 2months space membership
for £100
2) Directors select from applicants using an agreed criteria based on the
people, their plans and aspirations
3) Aberdeen Council contributes £100 to the kit (£200 in total) and 2x £20
for 2mths membership per person.
4) We print/locally source kit items as we can
5) We offer build support and host 1 day-a-week sessions as printer
6) We teach some basics of 3D design towards the end
7) After 2 months, they can either join up or switch to visitors (but can
no longer store their items in the space.

also finally.. only if we want to make a splash...
8) They can 3D scan their face via a phone app and then print themselves as
a tile. This is just a end-goal concept to motivate and can be dropped if
not feasible. I am working on a prototype using the Autodesk's 123D
photo-to-3D just to try it out. The name branding is intended to work on 3
levels: 'You are 3D Printing', 'You will print yourself' and '3D Printing
University' :)

Ultimately, we give some lower-income creatives a super neat tool and show
them how to care for it / use it along with a support network, whilst also
building our community and fundraising. Variations include a subgroup of
fully subsidised kit enrolments or increasing the months of membership

Feel free to rip it apart and correct if needed. Sections 5.4 and 6 need
input. Also, perhaps check my logic in the spreadsheet.

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