[57north-ctte] Director's report for AGM

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Sat Apr 23 23:31:35 BST 2016

Draft of the director's report for tomorrow below. Anything I've missed
or got wrong? Anyone want to put in something for what was done at the

** Membership
We currently have 31 members. This is up 6 from the last AGM. We haven't
had any members officially leave over the last year but there are some
where we haven't seen them (or their money) for a while. Tidying that up
will be on the TODO list for the new board.

Over the last 6 months (15/10 to 16/3) we averaged 15 and a third
members paying each month.
** Changes to the space
we haven't actually changed much over the last year - either we've got
the space to a point where it's working or everyone has just given up. 

We have gotten some new tools and have gotten rid of some of the junk
that's been cluttering up the space for ages. 

We raised pledges to purchase a 3D printer kit in September 2015. That
printer has now been assembled, and modified a bit, and is available for
** New space?
We have investigated a couple of possibilities for places to move the
space to. As yet we haven't found anything we can afford that would be
an improvement on the current space. 

The search is ongoing; if anyone has any leads please do let us know.
** Places we went
Some of our members have been out and about flying the 57N flag at
*** CCCamp
*** CCCongress
*** Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire
** Meetings 
Our last AGM was on the 16th of April 2015. 

Since then we have had one director's meeting, on the 11th of November
2015. This meeting was to approve our accounts for the period up to 28th
February 2015 so they could be submitted to the appropriate authorities. 

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