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Hey Rob. Thanks for this. Looks good from my side.


On 23 April 2016 at 23:31, Robert McWilliam <rmcw at allmail.net> wrote:
> Draft of the director's report for tomorrow below. Anything I've missed
> or got wrong? Anyone want to put in something for what was done at the
> events?
> <report>
> ** Membership
> We currently have 31 members. This is up 6 from the last AGM. We haven't
> had any members officially leave over the last year but there are some
> where we haven't seen them (or their money) for a while. Tidying that up
> will be on the TODO list for the new board.
> Over the last 6 months (15/10 to 16/3) we averaged 15 and a third
> members paying each month.
> ** Changes to the space
> we haven't actually changed much over the last year - either we've got
> the space to a point where it's working or everyone has just given up.
> We have gotten some new tools and have gotten rid of some of the junk
> that's been cluttering up the space for ages.
> We raised pledges to purchase a 3D printer kit in September 2015. That
> printer has now been assembled, and modified a bit, and is available for
> use.
> ** New space?
> We have investigated a couple of possibilities for places to move the
> space to. As yet we haven't found anything we can afford that would be
> an improvement on the current space.
> The search is ongoing; if anyone has any leads please do let us know.
> ** Places we went
> Some of our members have been out and about flying the 57N flag at
> events.
> *** CCCamp
> *** CCCongress
> *** Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire
> ** Meetings
> Our last AGM was on the 16th of April 2015.
> Since then we have had one director's meeting, on the 11th of November
> 2015. This meeting was to approve our accounts for the period up to 28th
> February 2015 so they could be submitted to the appropriate authorities.
> </report>
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