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Hibberd, Dave d at vehibberd.com
Thu Jan 14 14:42:52 GMT 2016

So, anyone else up for doing something on the weekend on this?

My thought is either procuring some soldering kits to resell (space 
flags, tv-be-gone, simple circuits) or doing something computer based - 
write a game in Scratch on a raspi 0. Maybe an hour's 3d printing crash 
course with Uncle Ed, that kind of thing. Ideas?

There might be a little bit of money in it for us, or if not it's still 
probably good for my Chartered Engineering stuff, as I'm a selfish 
bastard and all that.

I might put a talk forward too, but I'd have to do some thinking on 
what. Probably something about never stopping learning, and why it's 
important in a modern technical workplace or some other. Maybe I'll just 
do ballooning again, as people seemed to like that one!

I'm a little skittish about the insurance requirement, though - That's 
the only bit I'll really need to research and work out more on.



Hi Dave,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Perfect, I'll keep in touch.

If you do decide to attend the Activity Weekend (3rd - 4th September) we 
will need before 22nd January:

*Workshop name and text for the programme, (you can keep it fairly vague 
and just give an outline of what the workshop is about).

*Age range for the workshop would be helpful

We will need the following from you by mid-May, but I'll drop you a 
reminder email about it nearer the time.

*Technical Requirements: to let TechFest know of any requirements needed 
by the presenter to facilitate their workshop.( tables, chairs, power 

*Insurance: to provide the details of our Public Liability Insurance 
with minimum £5 million cover (Please supply your Insurance number or a 
copy of your proof of insurance)
*Risk Assessment: to provide a detailed risk assessment and to ensure 
all workshops & activities are conducted in a safe and orderly manner, 
to ensure the safety and wellbeing of patrons at all times.

The following will also need to be in place by September:

*PAT Testing: to ensure that all electrical equipment bears PAT 

*Damage: to provide adequate protection for floors / walls etc at the 
venue and to accept responsibility for any damage to the site caused by 
my/our workshop.

*Cancellation: to provide at least 30 days written notice of 
cancellation or change to workshop / activity content

If you decide to take part in the Public Programme (5th September - 18th 

Could you please provide me with an event title and an event 
description/blurb that is 75 words or shorter to add to the programme. A 
hi resolution logo, a picture to go alongside the text and an 
approximate length of time the workshop/talk will last. That would be 
fantastic, thank you.

Hope this clarifies things, if you need any further info please get in 

Kind regards

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