[57north-ctte] Fwd: RE: [57north-discuss] TechFest 2016

Hibberd, Dave d at vehibberd.com
Thu Jan 14 15:44:12 GMT 2016

On 2016-01-14 15:38, Edward Watson wrote:
> Yep, prob later on Sat or late sun for me. I have that new hotbed to
> fit also in what is hoped to be the last step.

I meant on the weekend of the event, not this weekend.
Maybe I should have been more clear.

> We have few badge kits left so would need components and those
> suggested kits might be more interesting. Do you propose a whip round
> to buy in kits/parts?

Yeah, along those lines - I'm happy to chuck in £50-100 if needed, I'm 
sure others are too.

> Cool aye - happy to kick in some filament for this. We need a bunch of
> things that are useful/fun yet small enough to rapidly print (e.g.
> Bitcoins, plectrums) Any 3D design aficionados want to whip up 57north
> themed things? If we make flashy badges, we can 3D print the small
> plastic disc switch that sits inside the CR3202 battery holder
> (Callum, do you still have your design?)


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