[57north-ctte] Moving on

Tom Jones jones at sdf.org
Sun Jan 24 19:28:34 GMT 2016

On Sun, Jan 24, 2016 at 04:48:22PM +0000, Carl Anderson wrote:
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> Hi all,
> I have been offered a job at Durham University which I will be
> accepting. This will mean that I will be moving south in a month or so
> and would like to stand down as a Director of 57North Hacklab Ltd.
> We have an AGM in a couple of months and I would anticipate that I
> would stand down then so there is no need additional meetings etc. as
> long as the other directors did not see any issue with me being in
> Durham for a while.

Hey Carl,

Again, Congratulations about the new job. We spoke on Friday and it
sounds like it is going to be a great move for you. Shame it is so far

I think that it makes the most sense to have you direct remotely until
we cycle naturally. I don't think there are any procedural issues, Rob
will probably know if there are.

It has been great having you as both a member of the space and a
director for these two and a half years. You will be missed every
Tuesday night for a long time.

- [tj]

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