[57north-ctte] Considering a Move

Tom Jones jones at sdf.org
Sun Jan 31 21:44:06 GMT 2016

Hi Folks,

Rob and I (Ed was probably listening too) spoke quite a bit about a potential
move last night. Rob's estimate (which I think is reasonable) is that we need
an income of £500/mo to stay a float in the new location. That is a deficit of
around £1800/year.

With that in mind we came up with some possible courses of action:

    1. Do nothing, live in misery.
    2. Membership pledges from members of £500/mo (maybe offer rewards)
    3. Crowdfund a fixed amount ~£3000
    4. Just move and live by magic an fairy dust (go bust in a month)
    5. Grant funding for a move
    6. Don't move, take in some money and refurbish union street
    7. Raise membership to cover the gap 

There are some other options, but I think these cover the most reasonable
approaches. David has said there is no massive hurry to move in, but I think he
would want an answer relatively quickly.

- [tj]
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