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Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Mon Mar 14 20:14:24 GMT 2016

We are supposed to organise an AGM for next month (or organise it next
month if we're running late and taking liberties with the interpretation
of our articles).

Need to decide when we're having it. My preference would be for a
weekend afternoon. I've already got stuff in my calendar for 2nd, 3rd,
9th and 10th. 16th, 17th, 23rd or 24th look clear for me at the moment
(though I do have 24th down as potentially elsewhere, so I'd prefer to
avoid it if there are other options that work for everyone else).
Anybody have a preference for any other times? Any of those do/don't

The announcement needs to go out 14 clear days before the meeting (so at
least 15 days between the day the notice goes out and day of the
meeting), if we are looking at the second half of the month, we've a
couple of weeks to sort it out.

Normal agenda items would be directors report on activities since the
last AGM (have we got anything to report?) and treasurers report on

I'd also like to add an a resolution amending the articles to allow
remote participation in meetings. I've done a bot of reading up in this
and it looks like we can change the "present in person" to something
along the lines of counting as present so long as they can understand
what's said in the room and can communicate back. I like that that
approach doesn't specify anything about how that link has to actually
work. Anyone think that's a terrible idea? If we do go with putting this
change on the agenda we should have the exact details of what we're
changing in the announcement for the AGM, and it will need a two thirds
majority at the meeting to be adopted.

Although remote people won't be able to have any official part of the
AGM (well I suppose they could direct proxies in real time) I'd like to
allow the possibility of folks listening in if they can't make it along.
whypay.net offers free conference calling (well not actually free
(similar to lunches there's no such thing as a free conference call) but
paid for from the call access charges and included in included minutes)
so I'd go with them and a google hangout for folks who prefer internet
stream, and that gives screen sharing as well).  

Last year I made up a procedure for proxies when I was sending out the
> A proxy can be appointed to vote on your behalf at the meeting (see
> Space Corp. Directives 47, 53 and 54). If you would like to appoint a
> proxy please send an email to 57north-ctte-private at lists.57north.co
> Email sent to the 57north-cttte-private address is redirected to all
> presently listed directors and is not archived publicly. 
> The email (preferably PGP signed) should contain:
>  - Your name and address (as it appears in the register of members
>    (hackhub))
>  - Who you would like to appoint as a proxy
>  - That this is for the AGM on 16/4/2015
>  - If you have any specifications for how the proxy is to act on your
>    behalf.
> The proxy should bring the same details to the meeting on paper and
> signed by the member they are to act as a proxy for.

Does anyone have suggestions for changing it?

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