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Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Thu Mar 24 14:16:33 GMT 2016

On Thu, Mar 24, 2016, at 13:50, Edward Watson wrote:
> Sorry missed/holiday-ignored the email traffic about this. 16th works
> for me treasurer-report wise. Do we need to engage dis-membership
> machinery?
If we are dismembering people before the AGM, I'd prefer it to be done
before the announcement goes out - it's a bit off to send someone notice
of a meeting and then dismember them before it.
The articles don't specify a time frame for the dismemberment procedure
(for being behind on dues - article 22). We could send reminders/notice
that we're going to dismember them now (or very soon) and have a board
meeting next week to actually do it. Would have to have the meeting
before Wednesday if we're going for the 16th. We don't have the 7 days
to give normal notice of a board meeting - I suppose meeting timing for
announcing the AGM could meet the "degree of urgency" requirement for
shorter notice, but given most of the folks who're behind have been for
ages there is only urgency because we're not very good at actually
doing stuff. I'd only be OK with this if all directors agree to a short
notice meeting.
If we go for 23rd rather than 16th we get another week and can maybe
meet timings (though I'm away 31st March - 4 April, which only
leaves 5th or 6th for the board meeting to get announcement out on
the 6th - though we only need 3 directors for quorum so you don't
actually need me).
I'm inclined towards not bothering to try an dismember people before
the AGM...
Folks that would be on the chopping block:
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