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Edward William Watson mail at edwardwatson.co.uk
Thu Oct 13 16:39:29 BST 2016

Dear Directors

I have the accountant lined up to receive the books from our last AGM. It will cost £713 (approx) but that includes him setting us to mutual trading status (one-off £100), and the tax refund (£180) from last year. Kev became a director after the 15/16 books ended so they don't appear to need his IDs for checking (so far). I might as well get director approval for this now if people are up for it.

Our current bank balance is £898 with a little incoming predicted before Nov1st (+£60, £958 Bal). Rent comes out on Nov 2nd (-£305, £683 Bal) so if it was not for the next month monies flooding in from the Nov start, we'd be in deficit if the bill comes in early. With another electric bill looming in Dec/Jan (£130ish), things will be tight.

O/c this is a worse-case. The invoice has 30days and that £180 tax return will help, but re the latter - I am not counting on that being delivered back soon.

In summary, we may need some fundraising.

Kind regards

Director, Treasurer
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