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If I have managed to count to 14 correctly, and figure out which days
I'm supposed to be counting, I make it tomorrow (or quite possibly today
if this takes more than half an hour to edit; anyway: Sunday) that the
AGM announcement needs to go out. Below is an editted version of last
year's that I plan to send some time Sunday evening. You have until then
to find and tell me about the errors. 


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Most of you will receive this twice as it is going to -announce and
members' email addresses.

57 North Hacklab Ltd. Will be holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM)
at 19:30 on Tuesday  the 4th of April 2017 in the Hacklab, 3rd floor,
35A Union St, Aberdeen, AB11 5BN

Much of the procedure for the AGM (and other things about how we
operate as a company) are laid out in the Space Corp. Directives (see
clause 4) which can be obtained from Companies House or (if you trust me
that they're going to match the official Space Corp. Directives):

Our current membership count is 18, a quarter of 18 is 4.5 which is
less than 5 so quorum for the meeting will require 4.5 members (Space
Corp. Directive
44). I don't really want half a member at the AGM so I think we'll call
that 5 members for quorum. 

The AGM is intended to be a check that we are sticking to our legal
requirements rather than going through the day to day running of the
space (issues about the day to day running would be better raised on
the discuss mailing list). 

Agenda for the meeting:

 - Election of meeting chair

 - Report on activities since last AGM

 - Treasurer's report

 - Election of directors

 - Any Other Competent Business

We are now accepting nominations for anyone who wishes to stand for
election as a director for the next year. Nominations can be made by
sending an email to 57north-announce at lists.57north.co stating that you
would like to stand (and some explanation of why) before the meeting
or by indicating that you want to stand when we get to that part of
the meeting. Email is not instantaneous, and can be subject to
glitches, so if sending your nomination by email please send it as
soon as possible.

The details of how the election of directors will be conducted will be
up to whoever is elected to chair the meeting (Space Corp. Directives
48, 51 and 52)
but will probably be something along the lines of: if we have less
than 5 candidates more nominations will be sought until we get to 5 or
more candidates.  If we have exactly 5 candidates at the AGM then they
will become the new board. If we have more than 5 candidates then
we'll have an election to decide who gets to be a director -
previously [0] we've done this with Meek STV via opavote.org, I'd be in
favour of using this method again if an election is needed.

If any member can't make the meeting there are a couple of things they
can do to participate should they wish to.

Any issues you'd like to have raised at the meeting can be sent to
57north-discuss at lists.57north.co or privately to any of the directors
or to the directors collectively at
57north-ctte-private at lists.57north.co (please make it clear you are
sending something you want raised at the AGM) and we will see that it
is brought up.

A proxy can be appointed to vote on your behalf at the meeting (see
Space Corp. Directives 47, 53 and 54). If you would like to appoint a
proxy please send an email to 57north-ctte-private at lists.57north.co

Email sent to the 57north-ctte-private address is redirected to all
presently listed directors and is not archived by 57North Hacklab (but
may be by the individual directors). 

The email (preferably PGP signed, with a key trusted by the directors to
be yours) should contain:

 - Your name and address (as it appears in the register of members

 - Who you would like to appoint as a proxy

 - That this is for the AGM on 4th April 2017

 - If you have any specifications for how the proxy is to act on your

The proxy should bring the same details to the meeting on paper and
signed by the member they are to act as a proxy for.

Remote  participation in our meetings is now allowed,  if anyone who
can't make it to the meeting would like to participate remotely I can
set up
a conference call and/or google hangout for the meeting. Any members who
would like to connect via one of these channels should let me know - I
will not set this up unless demand for it is communicated to me. If
anyone has a different preference for how they would like to participate
remotely: let me know and I'll see what can be done. 

[0] https://57north.org.uk/elections/2014/

57North Hacklab Ltd. is a company registered in Scotland (No. SC470230).
57North and 57North Hacklab are trading names of 57North Hacklab Ltd.

Robert (on behalf of the board)

Robert McWilliam     rmcw at allmail.net    www.ormiret.com

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