[57north-ctte] Director approval for YE 02-2017 books

Edward William Watson mail at edwardwatson.co.uk
Tue May 23 15:12:00 BST 2017

Dear 57N Directors

I am seeking director approval for expenditure for this past years books submission to Grampian Accounting. The firm has quoted '£395 + VAT, plus a small increase to reflect inflation'. Assuming max inflation at 2.80%, the total is estimated to be approx £487.27p. I therefore propose directors approve a max spend figure of £500 which will fall due from mid June if we proceed. The treasurer is able to sign on behalf of the board as last time but I am happy to pass the documents on to any director that wishes to audit them.

Please reply via a signed email to 57north-ctte at lists.57north.co clearly stating your approval for the £500 max accounting spend, stating you would like to receive a copy of the books for checking if that is your wish.

For context, our current account balance is £931.31 with 14 of 18 members paid up (May inclusive) with dues as of today. 3-month forecasted expenditures constitute an electricity bill of £35/mnth (due mid June for mar/apr/may usage) alongside our £305/mnth rent and £6.05/mnth in bank fees. Our member dues income is forecast to be approx £370 based on the last 3 months, plus any additional donations/fundraising we can achieve.  

Many thanks,

Ed Watson
57North Director and Treasurer.
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