[57north-ctte] Director approval for YE 02-2017 books

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Wed May 31 15:20:52 BST 2017

Sorry for the slow response, I'm way behind on admin type tasks ATM

On Tue, May 23, 2017 at 03:12:00PM +0100, Edward William Watson wrote:
> Dear 57N Directors
>  I am seeking director approval for expenditure for this past years
> books submission to Grampian Accounting. The firm has quoted '£395 +
> VAT, plus a small increase to reflect inflation'. Assuming max
> inflation at 2.80%, the total is estimated to be approx £487.27p. I
> therefore propose directors approve a max spend figure of £500 which
> will fall due from mid June if we proceed. The treasurer is able to
> sign on behalf of the board as last time but I am happy to pass the
> documents on to any director that wishes to audit them.
> Please reply via a signed email to 57north-ctte at lists.57north.co
> clearly stating your approval for the £500 max accounting spend,
> stating you would like to receive a copy of the books for checking
> if that is your wish.

I approve of getting the accountant to prepare the books @ £500 max cost.

Normal procedure would have the accounts needing to be approved by the
board before they are submitted. Last year that power was delegated to
the treasurer (though looking at it now I noticed that that delegation
wasn't actually valid as it didn't specify the required time period
for the validity of that power being delegated... probably best to
gloss over that). We have collective responsibility for the accounts
being correct so I'd rather we ahve a board meeting to go over them
before they are submitted. At the very least we need a board meeting
to (properly...) delegate responsibility/power to approve them.

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