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Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Fri Apr 27 17:34:39 BST 2018

I met with Andrew from Engage this afternoon to discuss actual details
of possible new space.

There are a couple of bits of bad news from what we were hoping for
and/or thought.

He does want a deposit as guarantee that we're not going to use the
space for a few moths and never pay, and as buffer for missed payments
going forward. Wants that nowish - I said it would probably be a
couple of weeks to sort that out. That kind of timeline would be OK.

Also want £25/month for electricity so total cost would be £325 per

Otherwise, July as first month we're paying for would be fine. Can
have access from now (via Engage till we get the door sorted
out). Details of fit would be up to us.

Below are my notes on what we discussed. I've also sent them to Andrew
to check I haven't gotten anything wrong or missed something

* Money
£300 rent + £25 electricity per calendar month. Due at the start of
each month.

£325 deposit due nowish then start paying monthly from 1st July 2018.

Costs to be reviewed annually.

* Space
Lower floor: everything in from door at the bottom of the stairs in,
plus flat areas to either side of the stairs down can be used for

Next floor up: everything from the door off the landing in. 

Stairs + landings must be kept clear as fire exit route. 

* Internet
Can get connection to Engage network, wifi or wired should be
possible, up to us which we go for and to run cables if needed. Can
run our own netowrk off that.

* lock on external door
Up to us to figure out what we want to do there and get it
installed. Door needs to still work as fire exit (open from bar on the

Can access space via Engage whenever they're open until we get this
sorted (from now).

* Insurance
No requirement for us to have any - building is covered otherwise.

* Building maintenance
Not our responsibility.

* Fit out
We're thinking to add new electricity distribution, lights, some
ventilation, heating, put a new coat of paint (and/or plaster) on the
place and possibly putting in insulation (heat and/or sound) where
needed. OK for us to figure out details of what we want and carry on
with that - if we want to run new cable down for network and/or
electricity then liaise for hookup/running of upstairs end. No problem
with making holes in walls in "our" space to run cables or ducting.


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