[57north-ctte] Second fit spending approval request and treasurers mini-report.

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Sun Aug 12 06:37:00 BST 2018

Hello All,

I can say I approve this but I m receiving the money so I may be seen as having a conflict.

To Hibby, Andy could you approve this if you are happy with it, and I can claim the costs.


On Tue, Aug 07, 2018 at 11:52:31PM +0100, Edward Watson wrote:
> Dear Directors. I am seeking director approval for expendature for the
> second fit of the new hackerspace. This is for second-fit items
> purchased by Kev, namely the consumer unit, MCBs, Brackets, Trunking
> and sundries. This amounts to £245.17 (The first fit spend was £193).
> Treasurers Mini report
> **************************
> as of Tues 7th Aug 2018:
> The bank account stands at £1,101.26. Augusts rent (£325) has yet to
> be paid but will come out within the week as the electronic standing
> order is currently being arranged with the landlord.
> This makes the mid-August figure to be £776.26, of which £310 is
> August's early membership income to-date (as recieved between Aug 1st
> and 7th)
> The space bank account will stand at £531.09 after the second fit is
> reimbused and August rent paid. Deducting the £310 gives us a rolling
> account surplus amount of £221.09 currently.
> Our average expenditure (excluding accountant fees) is £330 and we
> have averaged an income of £303/mnth over the past 3 months (May,
> June, July) based on the recorded figures. NOTE: This average figure
> is somewhat skewed lower by an absent but pending £40 from July cash
> takings what has yet to be offically recieved. Our account surplus is
> £261.09 and avg income is £317/Mnth with it included.
> Thanks,
> Treasuring Co-Director Nordin.
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