[57north-ctte] 57North Hacklab Community Survey

Edward Watson mail at edwardwatson.co.uk
Fri Apr 5 09:33:06 BST 2019

Hi folks - I figured we are due a member survey so I have dug up the
one we used in 2014 and made the following change:

Added Q after:
At the current membership rate (£20/mnth), do you feel the hacklab
offers value for money? [Yes] [No]
If no, please share the reasons for your answer ....

Added Q as:
If yes, would you be prepared to contribute more? [Yes] [No] [Other ......]

I'd plan to send the following email to Announce today. Before that,
can directors fill in it themselves both as a test it's working ok and
to start us off? If there are any objections, do let me know.


Dear all

The 57North board ran an anonymous survey back in 2014 to learn more
about our community of members, visitors and followers. The results
were insightful and so we thought we could make this an ongoing

This short, anonymous survey will be run for a week initially and we
would appreciate any responce feedback you can offer in that time.

Take the 57north Community Survey: https://forms.gle/bXFE3ui6QZN7ZtYh8

On behalf of the board, thanks!


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