[57north-ctte] Visit to potential Space - Aberdeen Action on Disability

Tom Jones tj at enoti.me
Mon Aug 19 14:32:35 BST 2019

Hello Hackers,

I visited the potential space at Kettock Lodge in the Bridge of Don. The
space would be a sublet from Aberdeen Action on Disability. 

I did not take any pictures - there really was no point.

AAoD have the Southern half of the building as seen on google maps. They
are not using this space, the office they do use could have easily seat
30 people and they have two desks. The room the are offering is on top
of this.

They are offering us a section in their 'aircraft hanger'. Basically the
top floor of a building. If you have seen my lab at the uni this space
is may 4-6 times the size. 

The idea would be that we cut out a section for us.

I do not think this is a suitable permanent location for the
hackerspace. We would have to build walls and even then we would have to
be much better neighbours than we are right now.

While I don't think it is a good permanent location, AAoD are open to us
being a tenant temporally, maybe something on the order of 6 months.

Right now the Bridge of Don mens shed are storing stuff there, it is
entirely possible that we can have most of the hackerspace there for a
few months while we find somewhere else.

We would not be able to have a real sub lease with AAoD, instead I think
we would get use of the space for a donation to the charity. 

I asked about Internet and access, they have a good uplink, but trunk
cable would need rerouted. We can have door access to the building with
a code, and maybe 1 key for the actual space.

- [tj]

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