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Those dates look good for me!

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> On 11 Mar 2019, at 18:45, Edward Watson <mail at edwardwatson.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear Directors
> Attached is a draft announce email updated from previous AGM announcements.
> The last AGM was held on Tue Apr 24 2018 so the nearest provisional
> date I have selected is
> Tues 23rd, April 2019. Other dates are an option however.
> If the 23rd, the announcement email would be going out Monday 8th Apr.
> Kind regards,
> Ed
> Announcement Email Draft
> ------------------------------------
> To: 57north-announce at lists.57north.co; 57north-discuss at lists.57north.co;
> Subject: Annual General Meeting
> Dear members (apologies if you receive this twice via the cross-post)
> 57 North Hacklab Ltd. Will be holding our Annual General Meeting (AGM)
> at 19:30 on Tuesday the 23rd of April 2019 in the Hacklab's social room,
> Lower Floors, 26 North Silver Street, Aberdeen. AB10 1RL.
> Much of the procedure for the AGM is laid out in the articles of
> association which can be obtained from Companies House.
> Our current membership count is 22, a quarter of 22 is 5.5 (rounded to 6)
> which is more than 5 so quorum for the meeting will require 5 members
> (see Article 44).
> The AGM is intended to be a check that we are sticking to our legal
> requirements rather than going through the day to day running of the
> space (issues about the day to day running would be better raised on
> the discuss mailing list).
> Agenda for the meeting:
> - Election of meeting chair
> - Report on activities since last AGM
> - Treasurer's report
> - Election of directors
> - Vote on the resolution to update the articles of association to
>   direct surplus assets to members should the hackerspace wind-up
> - Any Other Competent Business
> We are now accepting nominations for anyone who wishes to stand for
> election as a director for the next year. Nominations can be made by
> sending an email to 57north-announce at lists.57north.co stating that you
> would like to stand (and some explanation of why) before the meeting
> or by indicating that you want to stand when we get to that part of
> the meeting.
> The details of how the election of directors will be conducted will be
> up to whoever is elected to chair the meeting (Articles 48, 51 and 52)
> but will probably be something along the lines of: if we have less
> than 5 candidates more nominations will be sought until we get to 5 or
> more candidates.  If we have exactly 5 candidates at the AGM then they
> will become the new board. If we have more than 5 candidates then
> we'll have an election to decide who gets to be a director -
> previously [0] we've done this with via opavote.org.
> If any member can't make the meeting there are a couple of things they
> can do to participate should they wish to.
> Any issues you'd like to have raised at the meeting can be sent to
> 57north-discuss at lists.57north.co or privately to any of the directors
> or to the directors collectively at 57north-ctte-private at lists.57north.co
> (please make it clear you are sending something you want raised at the
> AGM) and we will see that it is brought up.
> A proxy can be appointed to vote on your behalf at the meeting (see
> Articles 47, 53 and 54). If you would like to appoint a
> proxy please send an email to 57north-ctte-private at lists.57north.co
> Email sent to the 57north-ctte-private address is redirected to all
> presently listed directors and is not archived by 57North Hacklab (but
> may be by the individual directors).
> The email (preferably PGP signed, with a key trusted by the directors to
> be yours) should contain:
> - Your name and address (as it appears in the register of members
>   on hackhub)
> - Who you would like to appoint as a proxy
> - That this is for the AGM on 23rd of April 2019
> - If you have any specifications for how the proxy is to act on your
>   behalf.
> The proxy should bring the same details to the meeting on paper and
> signed by the member they are to act as a proxy for.
> Remote participation in our meetings is allowed. If anyone who
> can't make it to the meeting would like to participate remotely, we can
> set up a conference call and/or Skype call for the meeting. Any members who
> would like to connect via one of these channels should let me know - it
> will not be set this up unless demand for it is communicated to me. If
> anyone has a different preference for how they would like to participate
> remotely, let me know and I'll see what can be done.
> [0] https://57north.org.uk/elections/2014/
> 57North Hacklab Ltd. is a company registered in Scotland (No. SC470230).
> 57North and 57North Hacklab are trading names of 57North Hacklab Ltd.
> Ed (on behalf of the board)
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