[57north-ctte] Suggested AGM date and draft AGM announce email

Edward Watson mail at edwilldesign.com
Wed Mar 13 21:29:30 GMT 2019

On Wed, 13 Mar 2019, 20:44 Iain R. Learmonth, <irl at fsfe.org> wrote:

> Hi Ed,
> On 11/03/2019 17:45, Edward Watson wrote:
> > The last AGM was held on Tue Apr 24 2018 so the nearest provisional
> > date I have selected is
> > Tues 23rd, April 2019. Other dates are an option however.
> It would be super awesome if things happened in the space on days
> *other* than Tuesdays

Hi Iain. Thanks for the comment.

Tuesday was picked as AGM day as it a date most already have in their
calender. As we now have two and a half rooms, it seemed like a good idea.

Having said that, I have just checked and I see there is a performance
taking place that eve from 7pm in the ajoining music venue, so that would
be a good reason to either bump it to another date or another venue.

The Thursday (25th) is a cryptonoise night - am I correct? It is the last
Thurs of the month.


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