[57north-ctte] Signed Minutes of Meeting, 2019-Jun-27

Dave Hibberd d at vehibberd.com
Mon Nov 11 23:34:51 GMT 2019

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Howdy Y'all,

These are the minutes for the meeting that we held in June - 

I would have sent them out sooner, but I've been GPG struggling as we've all seen with my complaining in IRC earlier.

Anyway - on with the show, here are the long overdue, signed minutes


- --

# Board Meeting

Date: 27 June 2019

Location: Under the hammer

Present: Kev, Ed, Hibby, Tom and Andy

Chair: Hibby

Minutes: Andy

Started: 19:08

# Dismemeberment

Discussion about dismemeberment, members who have left / are no-longer paying subs.

Need a process for dismemeberment. Possibly something sending an email notice.  Discussed members avoiding dismenberment by paying 2 months subs, rather than all outstanding.  

Side note from hibby: Paragraph 22 of the articles details our expulsion from membership requirements: 
    We must provide a written reminder and then after that remove them.  Ormiret has this automated afaik. 
    There is precedent for this in http://lists.57north.co/pipermail/57north-announce/2017-March/000262.html 
    The attachment of minutes is scrubbed but it has a dismemberment section that we can copy.

Candidates for Dismemberment from hackhub:
- - aman 
- - arlav   
- - brotev 
- - clambering_goat  
- - conorryan1   
- - enterobsidian 
- - noodle  
- - shell   
- - spring  

# Associate members 

Discussion on option to have assosiate members. Tom and Ed to draft assosiate member documents. 

General principles suggested and discussed.
- - 1/12th of standard membership
- - some access days per month or year
- - no box
- - done on trust
- - no vote
- - can bring guests 

Need to change articles, Tom and Ed to draft, general meeting (GM) required to approve.  The date for the GM to be 4 weeks after the directors agree on the draft.

# Premesis update from Ed

- - The ownership of Engage has changed from Andrew to Ian
- - Need a plan to agree with new owner
- - Ask andrew to conclude / terminate the lease
- - Need a new contract with Gaming Aberdeen
- - Furtherance discussion of current agreements
- - Terms July 1st

Ended: 19:54


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