[57north-ctte] Request to release funds to Rob for Shelving

Tom Jones tj at enoti.me
Tue Feb 11 19:49:39 GMT 2020

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On Mon, Feb 10, 2020 at 11:34:04PM +0000, Robert McWilliam wrote:
> I'm thinking to make ladder style uprights like the ones on the
> shelves I made previously and link them with 2x3s¹.  I'm thinking 2
> 2x3s per "shelf"  - this wouldn't actually be  a shelf but is cheaper
> than any of the sheet material options and will be pretty strong.
> It'll work fine for putting boxes on (so long as the bottom of the box
> can support its contents in the bit between the 2 2x3s) and we can put
> sheet material on bits of it if we want actual shelves for anything
> that needs it.
> For height: I'm thinking to just use full 2.4m 2x3s for the uprights
> which will give about a 6cm gap  to the ceiling above them.
> To go from the pillar to the east wall (where it bumps into the room
> around the stairwell/cupboards/kitchen bit) would work with 5 uprights
> giving 3 1.2ish² m bays and one 2.4ish m bay. This'll take 35 2x3s for
> a total of £95.90. That's with 4 shelves per bay, about the same pitch
> as the tall set from the last ones I made, would be another 1.5 2x3s
> per shelf per 1.2m bay to have more shelves.
> I'm thinking to put fabric on the outside (of the hackspace) side of
> the shelf wall to give a clean look to the rest of the room (rather
> than the collection of junk look of seeing into the hackspace bit of
> the room). I think the cheapest way to get enough fabric to cover that
> is 2 super king size sheets. ASDA has them for £9 each³ with a choice
> of grey, white, cream or pink.
> So total of £113.90 for this section - probably ~£125 to give some
> money to cover screws and glue. I'm thinking make this section first
> and we can then decide if the same approach is what we want for the
> other bits or if we want to do something different.
> Would want to cover about twice that distance for the other side
> coming across from the windows so ball park would be twice as much for
> that section. But I'm thinking that would be more shelves than we
> actually need so should probably do some other stuff with some of the
> bays on the other side (wood (or other long thin stuff) rack, some
> hooks for hanging stuff, any other ideas?)
> I'm away this weekend so was planning to build this the following
> weekend (22nd and 23rd) if the rest of you think this is a good plan
> and directors approve of the spending. Some help then would be
> appreciated (or if anyone wants to get going before then: even
> better).
> Robert


I request that you release £125 to Rob so he can purchase materials for
shelving described above , pending approval from the requsite weight of

- - Tom


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