[57north-ctte] Fwd: ACTION REQUIRED: Renew these Let's Encrypt certificates by March 4

Robert McWilliam rmcw at allmail.net
Tue Mar 3 18:02:23 GMT 2020

Email saying to do the thing we discussed earlier turned up.

Robert McWilliam     rmcw at allmail.net    argh.technology

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From: noreply at letsencrypt.org
To: rmcw at allmail.net
Subject: ACTION REQUIRED: Renew these Let's Encrypt certificates by March 4
Date: Tuesday, 3 March 2020 17:56

We recently discovered a bug in the Let's Encrypt certificate authority code, 
described here:


Unfortunately, this means we need to revoke the certificates that were affected 
by this bug, which includes one or more of your certificates. To avoid 
disruption, you'll need to renew and replace your affected certificate(s) by 
Wednesday, March 4, 2020. We sincerely apologize for the issue.

If you're not able to renew your certificate by March 4, the date we are 
required to revoke these certificates, visitors to your site will see security 
warnings until you do renew the certificate. Your ACME client documentation 
should explain how to renew.

If you are using Certbot, the command to renew is:

certbot renew --force-renewal

If you need help, please visit our community support forum: 

Please search thoroughly for a solution before you post a new question. Let's 
Encrypt staff will help our community try to answer unresolved questions as 
quickly as possible.

Your affected certificate(s), listed by serial number and domain names:

0316112599743803b55e28453d2a35f76715: 57north.co 57north.org.uk git.57north.org.uk lists.57north.co www.57north.co www.57north.org.uk

If you are receiving this email in error, unsubscribe at:
Please note that this would also unsubscribe you from other Let's Encrypt 
service notices, like expiration reminders.

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