[57north-discuss] Friday night - anybody going to be around?

Peet42 peet42 at netscape.net
Fri Aug 22 08:15:34 UTC 2014

Hi, folks.  As you may or may not know, I'm interested in joining the group, but have health problems that make it hard for me to get there.  Specifically, I have kidney dialysis on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, which rules out all the usual days you are "open".

I suddenly find myself free today (Friday 22nd) and was wondering if anybody was going to be "in" so I could come by and see the place?

If there is going to be somebody there, could they email me directly, please, as the "digest" only comes through to me the day after everybody has posted.  Ta.  I hope to see you later, if all works out.  (And some directions might be useful!)

Peet McKimmie
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