[57north-discuss] Linux MicroPC / SBC thoughts?

Andy Gaskell ag at ssofb.co.uk
Thu Aug 28 20:16:50 UTC 2014

Hi All

Thanks for your feedback re the SBC.

Tony: yea, the Parallella is an idea, though it might be a bit exotic for
them.  They want something that they can by 5-50 p/a of for the next 5
years, not sure if Parallella ticks that box.  Your presentation was
excellent I thought, thank you. It took me back to my time, 6 years ago,
for 6 years, chasing the doomed FPGA dream at Nallatech in Cumbernauld.

Robert: Thanks for your comments on the ODROID, if you're in on Tuesday,
could you bring it in please?  It'd be great to see it and boot it up in
the space.

I think at the moment they're going to go for a ODROID-U3 with a Lilliput
OF1046/C/T 10.4" touch screen, so that'll be fun to play with.  It'll be
the first time I'll have tried Linux on ARM, apart from Android, but maybe
that doesn't really count.



On 25 August 2014 01:27, Robert McWilliam <rmcw at allmail.net> wrote:

>  On Sun, Aug 24, 2014, at 04:43 PM, Andy Gaskell wrote:
> Soooo....has anyone used either of these before?
>    - NanoPC-T1 - http://nanopc.org/NanoPC-T1_Feature.html
>    - ODROID-U3 -
>    http://www.hardkernel.com/main/products/prdt_info.php?g_code=G138745696275
> I've got one of those ODROIDs. I haven't actually done much with it but
> was quite impressed with the little playing I did do. It easily outperforms
> doorbot (Atom 330 @ 1.6GHz) and it running Ubuntu gives easy access to
> other software.
> I can take it into the space if you want to have a play to see if it'll
> meet your needs before ordering one (though I did already tell Tom he could
> have it to play with for a while so you might have to fight him for it (or
> act like grownups and calmly discuss sharing access - but where's the fun
> in that?)).
> Robert
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