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Imported Edinburghs, obviously we need to make a few changes. Seems
like a good base.

I just (sorry I didn't get it done yesterday - the 'net connection here
is lousy) pushed a small change to how votes are done: binary decision
by a majority, others as the chair specifies. The gist of this is
copied from London's clause 17(d) [1]. This lets us worry about how we
actually handle votes later (and if any mechanism is a disaster we're
not tied to it), but does leave things open to gaming by the
chairperson picking a mechanism that favours whatever outcome they


[1] [2]https://london.hackspace.org.uk/organisation/docs/articles.pdf
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1. https://github.com/hackerdeen/articles/commit/58dc945981e15cb751968b22290e9b7f6c4ad68c
2. https://london.hackspace.org.uk/organisation/docs/articles.pdf
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