[57north-discuss] Collaboration between 57North and Girl Geek Scotland

Iain R. Learmonth irl at fsfe.org
Sun May 25 13:48:50 UTC 2014

On Sun, May 25, 2014 at 02:36:59PM +0100, Rowan Evenstar wrote:
> Have you had experience with this group before ? I have (I even ended up
> in the paper with them) It's mainly older women in business that have IT
> in there title and imo are not even close to geeky :( infact they made
> jokes about geeks that really got my back up. I gave up going. I'm not
> middle management in a suit. Good to reach out too, but best to know your
> audience and saying hacking like that is likely to scare them off.

That's a shame, although maybe it was just the people running it in
Aberdeen. The Edinburgh group does look to be doing good things. I guess if
the word hacking scares them off, we won't hear back from them but we also
won't have lost out.

> Be interesting to see where it goes. And yeah they haven't been active
> much in a while. 

My main reason for reaching out to these groups is to ensure we're not
duplicating effort and/or stepping on any toes. If, as you say, they were
making jokes about geeks that weren't cool, it sounds like they may have
actually been doing more harm than good. Maybe there are new volunteers to
run events that would make a better go at it.


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